Why Do Fat People Smell Bad? 3 Factors to Consider 

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Often, those seen as being overweight or fat will find that they are judged solely based on their appearance.

In many cases, they find that others believe they are overweight because they eat the wrong kinds of food or because they do little or no physical activity. 

Along with these perceptions, another thing that many people believe is that fat people smell bad. 

But why do we make this assumption?

Well, in this article, we will be taking a look at the question – why do fat people smell bad? Is this fair, or just a made-up stereotype? 

Why Do Fat People Smell Bad?

Although they may not want to, some obese and fat people have a problem with how they smell. 

The main reason that body odor can be worse for fat people is that they often have problems keeping clean. This inability to keep clean is why fat people tend to smell bad. 

In addition, they produce a lot more sweat than thinner people. Their body size means that areas like their armpits provide enough heat that leads to the bacterial breakdown of sweat. 

Due to this, a foul smell often associated with sweating is then produced. However, such body odors can be reduced or eliminated by ensuring areas, where moisture can become trapped, are properly cleaned.

The areas on an overweight person where moisture is likely to accumulate are in the armpits, the groin, and skin folds.

Factors That Can Lead to a Bad Smell and How it Affects a Fat Person 

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Most people who carry extra body weight aren’t any worse smelling than someone who is considered to be an average weight. There are, in fact, a few unseen factors that, if not dealt with, can produce a foul odor. 

Luckily, for those who are considered overweight, if they are willing to take control over their hygiene and pay closer attention to these factors that cause them to smell bad, they will soon lead a much happier life. 

Here are a few factors that can cause a fat person to produce an unpleasant smell:

1. They Sweat More 

Sweat itself does not produce any scent. Sweat only begins to smell bad when it starts to get broken down by fungi and bacteria. 

Unfortunately, the average overweight person typically has enough fat surrounding their internal organs, which in turn causes a higher internal body temperature.

As a result of this, sweat glands in their body produce more moisture to help bring their internal body temperature down. 

Fat people tend to sweat a lot more, so you will find that they are much more likely to give off an unpleasant body odor. 

2. More Folds in Skin 

Heavy people tend to omit a much stronger smell when they sweat due to the increased amount of bacterial activity. As bacteria grow, it produces a strong, unpleasant odor. Think of the smell produced when milk goes sour. 

On slimmer people, any smell of sweat they produce can be removed as air flows more freely over various parts of the body. This helps to evaporate the moisture produced when they sweat. 

Unfortunately, heavier people have folds of skin where the moisture produced gets trapped. This, in turn, helps to provide the perfect environment where bacteria can thrive, which then results in poor body odor. 

3. They Have Thicker Limbs

Since heavy people have thicker limbs, areas like their armpits and groins are covered with more skin. This allows sweat to accumulate in these areas more easily. 

Thick limbs also help to cover the sweat up, and, over time, it will become warmer. This again helps to provide a perfect environment to allow the bacteria that cause bad smells to thrive, leading to a strong, bad smell emanating from that person. 

Of course, there are ways an overweight individual can help to reduce bad odors. 

Ways to Smell Better

Use Antiperspirant 

Using antiperspirants is something that fat people should do only occasionally. Many antiperspirants these days can help prevent body odors by blocking the sweat glands for 24 hours. 

Antiperspirants should never be used regularly as this can cause a build-up of toxins inside the body. 

Use Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which you will find is effective at helping kill bacteria. Not only is this a more cost-effective way of treating bad body odor, but also a more healthy and natural approach. 

Simply combine some fresh lemon juice in a small atomizer or spray bottle with some water, and use it when you notice a body odor smell. Make sure you apply this directly to the area of the body where the smell of sweat is coming from due to bacterial activity. 

Use a Cold Spray 

A cold spray is a great way to help prevent unpleasant body odors, as it helps to lower a person’s body temperature. In turn, this helps to prevent bacteria from thriving in the right kind of environment. 

You can make your own cold spray or purchase a good quality cold spray product from the store. There are many available, and with a quick search online, you will find one that you feel is suitable for your needs to help treat body odor. 

Final Thoughts

Why do fat people smell bad? Fat people smell worse than others because they tend to sweat more. Also, their size makes it far easier for moisture to become trapped at higher body temperatures. 

This problem can be resolved to some extent by creating an environment that helps kill off the bacteria that results in your sweat smelling bad.

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