A Few Tall Guys Facts You May Find Interesting

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Why is it that some guys are taller than others? Several factors contribute to some guys being 6 feet and others being under 5’6”.

Both tall and short guys tend to be the butt of jokes or get called names. But let’s put the teasing aside. Your height can severely affect your life. Research has shown that a guy’s height will influence their health and well-being. 

If you’re wondering how your height stacks up to those around you (no pun intended) or what it means for your life, check out these interesting tall guys facts.

When Do Guys Stop Growing Taller?

Tall Guys

Some guys will reach their adult height while still in high school. Others don´t finish growing until their early twenties. You may be 5’6” in high school but find yourself measuring 6 foot or taller when you start work. A lot of it has to do with your genetics.

We’ll talk more about genes and other interesting facts about tall guys below.

Some Interesting Tall Guys Facts

You Grow as You Sleep 

Tall Guy sleeping in sofa.

Most people get taller overnight. This is when our bodies release most of the growth hormones. People who enjoy a good night’s sleep will find that more growth hormones get released, which helps them to grow taller. 

Your Adult Height Changes Throughout the Day

As your weight varies, so too will your height during the day. You are your tallest when you first wake up. By the end of the day, your height difference could be around half an inch less. 

As the day goes on, the discs in your spine become compressed from maintaining an upright position. When you sleep, your spine decompresses and you regain the height you lost. 

Your Genes Aren’t the Only Thing that Affects Your Height

Genetics determine around 60% to 80% of a guy’s height. But the other 20% to 40% depends on environmental and economic factors, namely what you eat as a child. A child’s diet will have a powerful effect on their height. 

Kids need a healthy, nutritious, well-balanced diet to grow tall and robust. An ideal diet contains lean proteins, dairy, whole grains, and lots of fruit and vegetables. All these foods ensure that a child gets the minerals and vitamins their body needs 

Being Tall Is Good for Your Heart

Studies have shown a correlation between height and the risk of heart disease. People who were 5’3” or shorter were at greater risk of developing coronary heart disease compared to taller people.

However, experts have long known that taller people are predisposed to other health issues such as varicose veins and an increased risk of certain cancers.

American Guys Aren’t the World’s Tallest People Now

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, you would have found that the US was home to the tallest people. However, this isn´t the case now, and most of the world’s tallest people now live in the Netherlands. 

There could be several reasons why guys in the US aren’t among the tallest. The first is that they don´t have access to good health care. Second, they may not have such a healthy, well-balanced diet. Americans often tend to consume a lot of sugar and little fresh fruit and vegetables.

Drinking Coffee Does Not Stunt Your Growth 

tall guy drinking tea

As kids, our moms would never let us drink coffee, as they were worried that the caffeine would stunt our growth. But it doesn’t. 

The problem with the caffeine in coffee is that it acts as a stimulant, making us hyperactive. This can lead to us becoming irritable, having problems sleeping, and developing headaches. For these reasons, many doctors recommend that kids should not be given caffeine.

Of course, if you aren’t getting sufficient sleep, your body can’t produce enough growth hormone. 

By the Time You Reach the Age of 40, You Start to Shrink.

old tall guy

As we grow older, we grow shorter. For some of us, it could begin earlier than we thought. 

Both guys and girls may start to see their height declining when they turn 40. By 50, they could be as much as half an inch shorter. 

So What Causes This to Happen in Some People?

As we get older, the discs in our spine begin to lose water. Over time, they start to compress. This leads to your spine shrinking. Taller, shorter, and average-height people can suffer from shrinkage.

If you suffer from the bone-weakening disease known as Osteoporosis, it can further exacerbate the situation. In the US alone, almost 10 million people suffer from this disease. 

However, there are ways you can prevent this. You need to find ways to improve your posture. Improved posture means that you end up standing taller. 

The best way to improve your posture is by stretching and doing strengthening exercises. Consider taking up yoga. You may also want to work closely with a physical therapist or chiropractor.

Taller Guys Have Slower Reflexes

You may wonder if being a taller person affects your reflexes. Tall guys tend to have slower reflexes compared to someone of average height because it takes a little longer for signals from their brains to travel through their nervous system.

However, our reflexes happen so quickly that we don’t even realize that they are happening. While it takes longer for a tall person’s muscles to receive messages from their brain, this difference is difficult to notice.

Tall Guys Tend to Exude Confidence

You may find in social situations that taller guys tend to feel and act more confident. This isn´t always the case, though.

But in general terms, you will find that tall guys can command a room more easily. This is because height is often associated with power. Most tall people seem more comfortable in social situations. 

This doesn’t make tall guys better than anyone around them. Shorter guys or those of average height can be just as confident.

Some May Suffer From Low Self-Esteem

On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that tall guys suffer from low self-esteem compared to shorter guys.

There is also the risk that they may suffer from depression, which can lead to other problems in their life as they find interacting with other people difficult.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

At the end of the day, we must remember that height is just a number. However, there are practical benefits to being tall. As a tall person, you have better reach, allowing easier interaction with your environment. 

When it comes to dating, you will find that a lot more women are attracted to taller guys. Most women tend to go for guys who are about the same height as them or taller. For some reason, most women feel that a tall guy can better protect them. Some women seem to love dating short guys.

We hope that you find this article helpful. Let us know what it is like to be tall and if you found the facts above interesting by leaving a quick comment. 

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