Should Fat Guys Wear Stripes? The Complete 2022 Guide

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Not every man is born glamorous, or with a slim build or a more robust natural body. Should fat guys wear stripes? The truth is that nothing will hinder you from looking and feeling your best if you understand your body objectively.

It’s not like you’ve won the lottery of genes by just wearing the right clothes and grooming. By staying in good shape, you’ll be able to get the most out of what you’ve got.

If you’re dealing with excessive weight problems, read through these fashion tips and discover how to compliment your body in style.

Stripes have been a common feature in men’s clothing for decades. They’re worn on suits and shirts, as well as pants or shorts, and even undergarments. However, stripes aren’t what they used to be. 

You need to determine which kind of stripe is best for your needs and why. I have seen a lot of people wearing vertical stripes when they ought to be wearing horizontal stripes. 

Yes, there’s an important distinction between the two. This is a basic guide for guys, but can also be used by ladies too.

Should Fat Guys Wear Stripes (Horizontal)?

wearing horizontal stripes

Of course, you can wear horizontal stripes if you truly desire, even in plus size. The old adage that fat people should not wear horizontal stripes has been deemed false. According to the Helmholtz Illusion, horizontal lines can make you appear taller and narrow. 

In the past, people were quick to judge when they saw what a bigger person was wearing. Nowadays, as the world is changing, so are the mental attitudes of individuals. People are now recognized for their accomplishments and identity, instead of just their appearance.

Don’t feel self-conscience about wearing horizontal stripes, it makes no difference to your overall appearance. If you are worried about how you look, pay more attention to the overall outfit. Do the horizontal stripes clash with your tie? Your pants? These are the important things you should be paying attention to.

Are Vertical Stripes More Flattering?

Yes, vertical stripes draw attention downward and provide a complimenting fit to big guys. Vertical stripes make your body look thinner and slimmer. 

Pinstripe suits are perfect for large people. Try one on with a clean black shirt and be at ease, as everyone will believe you’ve slimmed down.

The most well-known fashion faux pas the overweight person wears is horizontal stripes. They’re simply not a good idea, and neither are diagonal stripes, as they can draw focus on unflattering areas.

How Can a Fat Guy Dress Nicely?

Should fat guys wear stripes? The answer to this question depends. Plus-size fashion can be difficult to manage and shop for. If you are a plus-sized man who is a fan of fashion, you can use these suggestions to optimize your attractiveness:

  • Make sure that the largest areas of your body are covered appropriately per article of clothing (especially different brand sizings).
  • The use of vibrant colors is acceptable, but be sure that they complement your skin.
  • Big bellies should stay away from simple round-neck t-shirts. They make your belly appear even larger, and may even make you look older than you are.
  • Dress in pants that cover your stomach. Tuck your shirt in and make sure to put on a belt.
  • Try to dress with subtle elegance, this will highlight your features and show off your confidence. For example, knee-length cargo shorts, as well as a two or three-button collar t-shirt, is the perfect combination. This outfit is appropriate for every male at any age. Additionally, there are many variations and combinations that you can use.
  • Make sure you have a belt in your closet.
  • Cargo pants, as well as cargo shorts, are breezy and comfy. Cotton is soft and comfortable.
  • Don’t be scared of patterns and don’t be afraid of colors. Utilize them both in moderation. Once you’re comfortable, stick to the fundamental shades, and then expand as you feel more comfortable.
  • If you’re an overweight man, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself. People who are overweight need to take care of their appearance and keep their skin healthy and moist. Maintaining your neck and getting rid of skin tags caused by the friction of fat can be easy and free. 
  • Dark skin spots can be easily removed as well. There are many ways to improve your appearance, however, you need to be determined to always appear and feel at your best.

What Should Fat People Avoid Wearing?

fat man wearing horizontal striped shirt

Try to avoid patterns like checkerboard, tight plaid (crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines), and any other design that may have striking horizontal stripes. Clothing with large, busy patterns could make your midsection stand out and can make you appear larger. 

Wear clothes that preserve your body’s proportions. For instance, if you have a bigger stomach and thighs, try to avoid wearing overly tight pants. 

Your paunch will be much more noticeable and visible. Wear your pants at a normal length around the naval. This will cover the belly fat a bit and keep your normal proportions to your body. Casual clothing tends to be more unattractive for larger men. T-shirts that are thin and bulky will not do much for a heavier man.


Should fat guys wear stripes? Research shows that horizontal stripes make you appear thinner. They seem to be more crowded than vertical stripes. However, vertical stripes can lengthen your body and make you appear taller. 

This is because vertical stripes perform tricks on the eyes, making those who wear vertical stripes appear larger and thinner.

The trick to the art of wearing horizontal stripes correctly is found in the width of the stripes and how long the piece you’re wearing is. Horizontal stripes can make you appear just as thin as vertical stripes, and in some cases, thinner. The concern isn’t necessarily about the striped pattern, but more about the overall look of the outfit.

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