How to Make Bar Stools Taller – Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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It’s common knowledge that the taller the bar’s stool, the better the drinks. After a long exhausting day, you arrive home with lower back pain, and the first thing you see is your short bar stools. Isn’t that awkward and inconvenient?

We can all agree that having a drink at home can significantly improve your mood – but not if your bar stools are not tall enough! So, how to make bar stools taller?

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the height of your bar stools, and they all cost very little or nothing! One of the simplest solutions is to purchase leg extenders and add seat cushions. We will also  highlight a DIY technique that you can use!

Let’s explore this issue further and show you how to make your home bar the most convenient spot to unwind after a long day.

What Height of Bar Stools is Ideal?

bar stool in corner of room

It’s crucial to understand what the appropriate bar stool height is before we discuss raising your bar stool. There are numerous varieties of bar stools in the marketplace. They come in diverse styles and also in varying heights. So, getting a bar stool that perfectly matches your bar is crucial for maximum comfort!

Therefore, it is essential to determine the height of your bar before making a purchase of a bar stool. Make sure that the height difference between the bar and the stool is at least 12 inches after you have measured the bar height. Get a stool that is around 28 inches high, for instance, if your bar is 40 inches high.

If the barstool you purchased does not adhere to these specifications, don’t panic! You can still make your stool higher while still making sure it satisfies these specifications. Read on to see how!

Buy Leg Extenders

The most popular method for extending the level of your bar stool is to apply leg extenders. They are really simple to attach and are available on numerous online marketplaces.

Once you get leg extenders, follow these instructions to install them:

Step 1

Attach the stool leg extenders in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. For instance, the portion that lies underneath the chair leg and increases the height might need to have tubes that wrap all around the leg.

Step 2

If your leg extender type allows it, place the same amount of spacer parts within each leg extender. To increase the level of the leg even more than the base piece, certain extenders contain sections that may be put into the leg pipes on top of the basic piece. These spacer parts each progressively increase the height.

Step 3

Attach a leg extender to the underside of each chair leg and make absolutely sure the legs are securely seated. You don’t want the extender to come off when raising or repositioning the stool!

Add Seat Cushions

The addition of seat cushions to your bar stool is another intriguing option to make it taller. You may either buy new cushions that will go well with the style and color of your home bar or find old ones you already have and add them to the stool.

Consider purchasing thicker seat cushions or just adding two seat cushions in place of one if you find that one is insufficient.

How To Make Bar Stools Taller – DIY Leg Extenders

Using DIY leg extenders is perhaps the simplest and most useful technique to increase the height of your bar chair. While it may seem difficult, creating leg extenders on your own is actually fairly easy – you only need a PVC pipe!

To successfully create your own DIY leg extenders, follow these steps:

Step 1

Measurement is the first thing you must accomplish! Measure the distance between the crossbar’s bottom and the desired height you would like the stool to rise to. Given that the crossbars are located on top of the extenders, this method only functions if your bar chair has crossbars.

Step 2

Take a measurement from the ground to the crossbars’ lowest edge. Observe the distance now between the floor and the stool’s seating. Add this amount to the height you want, then subtract it. The height from the ground to the bottom edge of the crossbars will now be adjusted to account for this variation. Your PVC pipe extensions will be exactly this length.

Step 3

For every leg of the chair, use a saw to cut a PVC pipe to the dimension you obtained from the previous step. The pipe’s width must be sufficient to accommodate a stool leg.

In order for the stool to sit properly, cut the pipe edges. If the legs are straight, for instance, cut the level of the end. Cut the pipes at an inclination if the legs are inclined outward. The design of your stool will determine this angle.

To further avoid breaking or cracking, you can put end covers on the pipe parts that will lay on the ground.

Step 4

Place a cut pipe on the underside of every chair leg and press it up against the crossbars. If you try to raise this type of leg extender, it will fall off the legs of the chair. The chair will also be unsteady if the PVC pipe is significantly larger than the legs. As a result, select the PVC pipe appropriately.

Counter Stools vs Bar Stools

Counter Stools vs Bar Stools

Understanding the differences between bar and counter stools is crucial when in search of stools. You’ll probably end up with a stool that is either too short to allow you to reach your beverage or too tall if you don’t have the necessary knowledge.

Measuring tape and a brief introduction to various counter heights will assist you in selecting the ideal size stools to fit your kitchen or home-bar counters.

Bar Stools

Bar height is defined as tables, counters, and bars that are between 41 and 43 inches tall. The height of the bar is measured from the ground up.

With bar-height counters, bar chairs with seat heights of 28 to 33 inches work well. The height of the chair gives you enough space for your knees and legs to rest comfortably while using the bar or tabletop surface.

Chairs are measured from the ground to the top of the seat, just like the counter. Tall bars are bars that range in height from 44 to 47 inches. These higher bars call for stools that are 33 to 36 inches high.

Counter Stools

The standard height of kitchen counters is 35 to 37 inches. Use stools that are 24 to 27 inches high to enhance their comfort. The height provided by these stools is ideal for eating, doing homework, and enjoying a mug of coffee with guests.

Stools are useful for dinner tables placed in confined locations since they tuck neatly beneath the table. Tables need stools that are 16 to 23 inches high because they are lower than countertops and sit at a height between 28 and 30 inches.

Unusual Heights

Despite the fact that counters, bars, and tables are frequently constructed to standard lengths. Not all structures follow these specifications. Choose a chair that is 10-12 inches shorter than the counter if your bar or countertop is an unusual height. Even if you prefer to sit with your legs crossed, this will provide you with more than enough room for your knees.

Spacing Stools

It’s crucial to leave enough room between your stools. If your counter stools are 17 to 18 inches broad, place them six inches apart to prevent congestion. Increase the distance between the stools to between 8 and 10 inches if the chairs are larger or if they have armrests or spin.

The ideal distance between the center of each stool and the next should be about 27 inches. To ensure that the person at the end has enough counter space, keep in mind to leave 14 inches between both the end of the bar and your first stool.

Final Thoughts

When you discover that your chair is simply too short to allow you to sit at the bar or counter comfortably. It might be irritating – short bar stools are uncomfortable and annoying to look at.

However, we believe we have provided an answer to your query regarding how to make bar stools taller. This new technical ability should be put to the test soon!

So, to increase the height of your bar stool, think about getting leg extenders or just adding seat cushions, which will be quite inexpensive. You can do it for free if you have PVC pipes at home; the decision is yours! Always keep in mind that happiness can be attained through tiny things!

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