5 Ways You May Find Helpful On How to Make a Desk Taller

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Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk? You may notice that your back and neck hurt when you get up. The pain you are feeling could be because your desk is too low. Working in a position you find comfortable and that helps you maintain good posture is crucial.

Sitting at a desk that is too low increases the risk of RSIs (repetitive stress injuries) in addition to causing neck, back, and shoulder pain.

So what can you do to ensure your desk’s height is right for you? And how can a raised desk make you feel more comfortable? Keep reading to learn how to make a desk taller and how it can help you.

5 Methods On How to Make a Desk Taller

Method 1 – Use a Heavy-Duty Desk Riser 

how to make a desk taller

Using heavy-duty desk leg risers is the quickest and easiest way to make a table or desk taller. They come in various sizes and you can buy them easily online.

If you aren´t sure how much extra height your desk needs, you can buy adjustable ones so you can set your desk at a height that meets your needs. To work out the size risers you need, sit in your office chair and work out how much higher your desk has to be for you to work comfortably. 

Method 2 – Get Some Bun Feet 

These are ideal for anyone whose desk is made from wood. A set of bun feet will raise the table’s height by three to 10 inches. However, you may need assistance when trying to increase the height of your desk.

Removing bun feet is as easy as putting them in place with the leg risers above. You can purchase these online or at a local hardware store. 

Installation of bun feet as table risers is easy. You will need to drill holes in the bottom of the table feet before you can fit them. You will need an electric drill with a 0.25-inch drill bit. After drilling the holes, you can attach the bun feet. Just press the pin on the feet into the holes.

Method 3 – Replace The Legs On Your Desk With New Ones 

This desk-raising method is a bit more difficult and costly than some of the others. Instead of adding small additions to each leg foot, you are replacing the leg altogether.

This provides you with a permanent change to the desk’s height. If you have storage space available, you can keep the old legs if someone else who uses the desk needs a lower height. 

Installation of new legs on a table isn’t too hard. Turn the table over entirely so the legs are facing upwards and take the old legs off the desk. Some may simply be screwed in with one pin screw. Others may require a screwdriver or Allen key to take them off. 

Ensure that the replacement legs use the same type of screw. 

Once you´ve removed the old desk legs, attach the new table ones. Your desk should now be at the ideal height.

Method 4 – Get A Desktop Riser

how to make a desk taller

Making alterations to or replacing the legs on a desk are not the only ways to increase the height of your desk. You may want to consider getting a desktop riser instead.

The main benefit of a desktop riser is that it allows you to alter the height of a desk by 4.5 to 20 inches in a matter of minutes. This works best if you are happy with your current desk and do not need any additional legroom. 

Desktop risers allow you to change their height quickly, allowing you to stand as you work. 

These are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be used on solid wood tabletops. Before buying any tabletop risers, measure the width of your desk first to ensure you select the right size. 

You will also find that you can easily remove desktop risers when you don´t need them. 

Method 5 – Consider Investing In an Adjustable Desk 

adjustable desk

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, investing in an adjustable desk is something you should consider. These desks come with an electric motor, allowing you to change the desk’s height quickly. You can go from sitting to standing position in no time at all. 

Not only will this help you to maintain a better posture, but you will find that it also improves your productivity levels. 

You can set most of these adjustable desks as low as 28 inches and raise them to a height of 47 inches.

They may also come with additional features that prove helpful. They may include memory functions and adjustable feet to ensure the desk remains firm even if the floor is slightly uneven.

Of course, you will need to place this desk close to a power supply. This is also the most expensive of all the solutions we offer in this article on making a desk taller. 


How tall should a desk be?

There are a couple of factors that will help you to determine what desk height is right for you. Consider your height and the height of your chair.

When sitting, your elbows should be bent at an angle of 70 to 130 degrees. This ensures you feel comfortable when working. It won´t cause any stress on them, and they won´t be at risk of injury.

What´s the best way to make a desk taller?

That comes down to your budget and preference. If you have the money, an electric adjustable desk is the best way to go. It raises quickly and allows you to stand while you work. It’s perfect if multiple people will be using the desk.

Heavy-duty desk risers are a great budget-friendly option. They’re easy to buy and even easier to use.

Let´s Wrap Things Up

There are several ways to make your desk taller. What method you choose depends on your needs, the height you need, and your budget. 

It is crucial to ensure that you increase its height to sit in a more comfortable position and maintain the correct posture. So why not try out one of the methods we discussed above? We are sure you will notice the difference.

We hope you find the information provided here helpful. Feel free to share with people you think could benefit from raising their desks.

Leave us a comment if you know of any other ways that could prove helpful in increasing the height of a desk.

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