How to Keep Underwear From Rolling Down—Tips and Tricks for a Comfortable Fit!

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Wondering how to keep underwear from rolling down? Imagine leaving your house for a party, looking all swanky and ready to slay, only to spend the evening fiddling with your shapewear because it keeps rolling down and not staying in place. Your perfect silhouette has been shattered. Oh, what a downer!

Roll-down is a real problem, but what if we told you we have the perfect solution to eliminate it once and for all?

There are a few tricks you can use to keep your underwear from rolling down. By following these tips, you can enjoy a more comfortable fit.

An Introduction to Rolling Down Your Underwear

How to keep underwear from rolling down

Wondering how to keep your underwear from rolling down? Underwear rolling down is a common problem, but there are ways to prevent it. In this article, we will discuss the causes of underwear rolling down and how to prevent it. We will also provide some helpful tips for those who experience this problem.

The Cause of Underwear Rolling Down

There can be a variety of reasons why your underwear rolls down. Some of the most common causes are:

Improper fit

If your underwear is too tight or too loose, it will likely roll down.

Sliding waistband

If the waistband of your underwear is not snug enough, it will slide down as you move. 

Synthetic fabrics

Natural fabrics, such as silk, are much more likely to slide down than synthetic materials, such as nylon, due to their weight and slipperiness. This means that the type of underwear you wear can have a significant impact on how often your pants fall. 


If your underwear is wet, it will be more likely to roll down. 

Body type

There will be less fabric around your waist if you are thin or overweight, which will make it simpler for your jeans to slide down your legs. Athletically fit people, on the other hand, will have firmer abdomens that will grip their pants better and keep them from slipping.


The extra weight around your waistline will pull your pants down further than someone lighter.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your underwear rolling down, and want to know how to keep underwear from rolling down, there are a few things you can do to help.

How to Keep Underwear From Rolling Down

Purchase High-Quality Shapewear

women wearing underwear

Wondering how to keep underwear from rolling down? Read on to find the answer. Your battle to prevent unwanted roll-down and slippage of shapewear can be greatly reduced if you purchase high-quality shapewear from a reputable lingerie brand.

Big brands create a product that is made of high-quality fabric that is not only long-lasting and gentle on the skin but also prevents roll-down.

Choose Your Size Wisely

Your fight against rolling and slipping shapewear begins with selecting the right shapewear and understanding which type will work best for you. Getting properly measured shapewear ensures a great fit and prevents most problems from occurring. But wait a minute, how do you know what size underwear to buy? Read on to learn how to keep your underwear from rolling down.

What Size Underwear Should You Buy?

First and foremost, your quest for the perfect fit starts at the waist. We recommend measuring your natural waist, which is the narrowest point between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis, just above the hip bone, with a tape measure.

Furthermore, measuring the widest part of your hips is essential for determining which size will be most comfortable for your body.

Use these measurements as a starting point for your search, and be sure to check all available sizing information to ensure a perfect fit.

Women with curvy bodies may face a unique challenge when looking for plus-size women’s underwear. It can be difficult to find underwear that hugs the body’s curves while not being too tight. We recommend that you use your dress size as the best barometer for determining the right size for you.

It’s All About Timing

Whether you’re wearing your shaping framework daily or for a night out, it’s probably the first thing you put on after showering. So, our advice is to take your time! It’s pointless to jump straight from the shower into a girdle because even the slightest moisture on the skin will cause all sorts of rolling issues. 

Your skin must be completely dry to naturally secure your shapewear.

Choose Shapewear With Silicone Grips

A lining is commonly found inside the waistband of high-waisted shapewear. This helps to hold it up in place so that it stays at the waist. The silicon grip on this shapewear helps them stick to your skin, but not in the literal sense. Don’t worry, it won’t cause a rash or red marks, but it will seal your skin. 

Tummy tuckers with silicone grips are a blessing that will assist you in achieving the shape that women covet.

Try on a Strapless Body Shaper

Purchase an over-the-shoulder body slimmer that provides additional support through its straps and aids in smoothing out the tummy and waistline. This eliminates the possibility of an unintentional rolldown.

Pair It Correctly

Roll-down can also be avoided by wearing the appropriate shapewear with your outerwear, such as thigh shapers for pencil skirts and thigh-hugging pants; bodysuits for bodycon dresses; and Tummy Tucker panties for trousers and linen pants. Make sure you have the appropriate shapewear for your various outfits. A one-size-fits-all strategy will not work.

Folding, Tucking, and Sticking

To control your stomach like an underbust corset, use your bra as an anti-roll tool! Your shapewear can be layered with various undergarments to give you a stunning, unbroken silhouette.

Maybe you want that additional security. You may be anxious enough about getting ready for a particular occasion before you even consider what to wear. Sometimes it’s important to get a little sticky! If you want to make sure that none of your underwear rolls, dressing tape is a great tool to keep in your closet. 

A grip strip will also be seen on some shapewear. The bustline or waistline can be folded to help your shapewear stay in place. This choice may lead to lumps and bumps, so we advise you to think it over carefully.

Do this only if your outfit allows for it.


Sometimes, a tuck just isn’t enough. You’re moving around all day, which causes some movement in your clothes, making tucking unnecessary. Hooks that attach girdles and control briefs to your bra can be purchased to keep your shapewear in place. Alternatively, look for shapewear that self-hooks. 

Control slips with straps are a great solution that will add a massive wow factor to your little black dress that will last no matter how long you spend on the dance floor!

The Right Style

When it comes to rolling, a bikini brief may be the worst offender in terms of cut. Instead, opt for full-coverage underwear, such as a high-rise brief, which has more material to help it stay in place. That extra material, however, may not have the sultry appeal you seek. 

A high-rise option may not be suitable for you, depending on your body type. In that case, some people prefer a low-rise option that sits low enough below the stomach to prevent rolling. Look for a thong style with a wider waistband to keep them in place.

What Are Some of the Best Underwear Brands for Preventing Roll-Down?

Wondering how to keep your underpants from rolling down? There is nothing more frustrating than underwear that keeps rolling down, with no solution in sight. You might think that it’s a trivial issue, but when you’re constantly having to adjust your underwear, it can be annoying. 

Fortunately, there are a few brands and materials you can choose that don’t roll down.

There are a few underwear brands that are well-known for preventing roll-down. Some of the best ones are brands like Jockey, Calvin Klein, and Hanes.  Moreover, you can opt for organic cotton fabric to resolve this issue. 

All of these brands have a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find a pair that fits you perfectly and helps to keep your underwear in place.


By following these tips, you can enjoy a more comfortable fit and learn how to keep your underwear from rolling down. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable all day long.

Now that you’ve finished this article, you should be armed with a complete arsenal to attack your clothing fit problems with. This guide will serve well as a future reference for you whenever you’re stuck in this uncomfortable situation.

Remember that no matter your body type or size, there are many, many different ways in which you can adapt both yourself and your clothing to better suit your personality. These corrections are easily made, even if they seem complicated at first. 

You now know all the tips you need to keep underwear from rolling down, no matter the size or fit!

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