A Guide to Finding the Best Heavy Duty Hammock

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Hammocks are great for insomnia. They improve the quality of your sleep, but they also improve your sleep posture. However, regular hammocks may not be able to stand a lot of weight. 

Heavy duty hammock are a better alternative. They can bear more weight, and couples can enjoy them together. They can also help you bond with your kids.

A heavy duty hammock will give you more space even if you live alone. Finding the right heavy-duty hammock requires patience. Along with the weight capacity, you have to consider the fabric thickness, stitching quality, sleeping area dimensions, and other factors. We have compiled a list of the top heavy duty hammocks to help make the decision easier.

Heavy Duty Hammocks Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock
  2. Lazy Daze 12 FT Double Quilted Fabric Hammock
  3. PNAEUT Double Hammock
  4. Amazon Basics Double Hammock
  5. MalloMe Camping Hammock With Straps 

Best Heavy Duty Hammock List

1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock 

The Vivere Hammock is a tropical hammock-style with a stand and carrying bag. This hammock is vivid, and it has doubled cotton edged with quality thread. The bed is 87 inches long, which could easily fit the average male. 

There are three options for the fabric: polyester, which gives you a saturated and fade-resistant color, sunbrella, which provides UV resistance and can withstand heat, and regular cotton, a breathable fabric that feels more comfortable.

What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Strong and doesn’t wobble
  • There are different fabric options to choose from
  • Hammock can withstand a weight of 450 pounds or higher

What We Don’t Like

  • One supporting arm may lean to one side more than the other

It’s hard to find a problem with this hammock, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something durable that you can use for years with your family. In addition, you can choose between two colors for an attractive hammock combo.

2. Lazy Daze 12 FT Double Quilted Fabric Hammock

This hammock is made with UV-resistant quilted fabric. It includes dual-layered 100% quilted polyester fabric with polythene stuffing, and the spreader bar is made of hardwood with chains to hook it to a tree. The rope is handcrafted with cotton, and the braided cord lends it the right support for a firm hold.

The maximum weight capacity for the Lazy Daze Hammock is 450 lbs. The bed is 55 inches long, which comfortably accommodates an adult. Also, this hammock has a wide cut and a two-person seating capacity. 

What We Like

  • Comes with a little detachable pillow for neck comfort
  • Comfortable to get in and out of
  • Has thin insulating fluff in the middle, which provides additional comfort
  • Hammock is strong and can hold above the advised weight limit

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not come with a stand
  • Fabric may hold water, so it’s not ideal where there’s a lot of rainfall 
  • Brighter colors get stained easily

This is a great option if you are not a fan of a folded hammock. You can stretch out or tuck in as comfortably as you want. 

3. PNAEUT Double Hammock

The PNAEUT Hammock is a Brazilian-style hammock. It has a black alloy steel stand, and the fabric is a cotton and polyester blend to guarantee comfort and color retention. In addition, the cotton slings ensure durability and strength. 

The hammock has a 450 lbs weight capacity and can easily hold two people. The hammock is also convenient to install. 

What We Like

  • Comes with a travel bag for easy carriage 
  • Can be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • Has beautiful and cool color options that can blend anywhere
  • Stand has a stable geometry

What We Don’t Like

  • Double fabric means that it soaks in water, so it may be hard to keep it outside in a place where it rains frequently
  • Bag is tight, so it takes effort to fit the product in

If you are looking for a folding hammock that tucks you right in, PNAEUT is the perfect hammock.

4. Amazon Basics Double Hammock 

This colorful hammock by Amazon is made with different materials such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and nylon. This hammock has a steel tube construction with a black finish that prevents rusting, and the wide leg base offers stability. 

It has a 400-pound weight limit and can accommodate two people. You can easily adjust the height of the hook, but make sure you keep everything as tight and stable as possible during installation. 

What We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a great height capacity
  • A cheap hammock
  • Comes with a carrying bag

What We Don’t Like

  • Welds could use some improvements
  • Doesn’t have as much weight or space as other hammocks
  • May be hard to get in and out of

The Amazon Basics Hammock is great if you are looking for a budget-friendly hammock and you don’t want to go through third-party sellers to obtain it. 

5. MalloMe Camping Hammock With Straps 

The MalloMe Camping Hammock’s fabric is made with nylon, specially formulated to resist harsher conditions. The strong material allows it to stretch longer and wider and accommodates more weight than the average hammock. 

It comes in a bag that’s very convenient for camping, and the heavy-duty tree straps can be easily set up in about two minutes. An additional benefit is the 1,000-pound weight recommendation, despite the ultralight material of the fabric. 

What We Like

  • Has a side bag to hold all your accessories
  • Material is rip-resistant
  • Several color options
  • Fabric is cooling, despite the nylon material, and doesn’t produce excessive heat
  • Great as a camping gift
  • You may receive free stainless steel straws
  • If you want a portable hammock, you can opt for a single hammock

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t hook up to a hammock stand
  • No specific information on the warranty

The MalloMe Hammock is great for campers. With its enveloping fabric and easy carrying, you can have a good time while camping. 

Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

You are probably already looking at getting a hammock, but knowing its health and comfort benefits will improve the way you use and treasure your hammock, and it will also help you make the right decision when making a purchase. 

Here are some benefits of a hammock:

Better Sleep Quality

About 33-70% of Americans reportedly have difficulty falling or staying asleep, and a hammock can help fix this for some. 

Hammocks have a natural soothing motion because of the elevated height, which helps lull the brain into sleep. In addition, rocking synchronizes the brain waves during sleep, which increases the time the brain spends in REM sleep. 

As with a child, the rocking motion will also help you fall asleep faster, which will lengthen your hours of sleep significantly. NPR reports that the rocking of a hammock is often gentler than that of a mother. 

Increased Blood Circulation

Hammocks elevate your head which helps increase blood flow to the head. In addition, the elevation reduces congestion in the head, which increases blood pressure. 

Relieves Body Aches

Hammocks are good for muscle aches. A consequence of increased blood pressure is better muscle health. People who sleep in hammocks often report increased muscle health, and chiropractors often recommend them to their clients. 

Natural Sleep Position

The ideal sleeping position is naturally achieved when lying down in a hammock. The heart is raised 20-30 degrees higher than the legs, ensuring optimum sleep and health. In a normal bed, this is achieved with a pillow, which can cause muscle strain. 

A hammock can help reduce snoring, protect the spine, and ease sinus congestion. It can also reduce acid reflux and relieve chronic headaches. 

Improves Forest Bathing Experience 

Forest bathing means bathing in the sun and enjoying nature without engaging in any activity. Research shows that forest bathing reduces depression, fatigue, and anxiety. It also increases focus and dopamine. 

Forest bathing in a hammock improves the quality of your leisure time and increases the dopamine released in the body. 

Best Brands

Vivere Ltd

Vivere is a global outdoor living brand that produces sun loungers, hammocks, and patio furniture. The brand started in the early 2000s and now exports to several countries. 

Lazy Daze

Lazy Daze is a brand that specializes in producing quality hammocks. The brand ships to several countries. 


Pnaeut is a home brand committed to creating simple and affordable leisure products. This brand also creates comfortable products for small spaces.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is a subsidiary of the Amazon brands that produce high-rated products at lower prices and sells directly on the Amazon site with economy shipping. 


MalloMe is an outdoor equipment brand. It’s an American brand that produces quality camping equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave My Hammock Outside During the Winter?

Generally, yes. However, if you want to keep your hammock durable, it’s best to take it in during winter and store it in a cool and dry place until the spring.

Will My Tree Get Damaged by Hanging Hooks? 

Trees generally have a huge capacity to recover, so they are not likely to have any serious or long-term damage from your hooks. However, if you are still concerned, you can opt for less invasive hooks. Just ensure that they do not girdle as the tree grows. 

How Can I Clean My Hammock? 

For fabric and quilted hammocks, you can use a soft brush and mild detergent mixed with water and then rinse it off and allow it to air dry. But for spreader bar hammocks, you can lay them down in your tub and wash them with mild detergent. Then, leave it in the sun to dry. 

However, if your hammock has no spreader bras, you can simply tie the ends together and place it in a lingerie bag. Then allow a gentle or sensitive cycle in your washing machine. 

Is It Normal for My Hammock to Stretch?

Yes, this is completely normal. All hammocks stretch as you use them, but the stretch can be just a few inches or even two feet, depending on the material. 

How Can I Make My Hammock High? 

Over time, you may feel your hammock drawing closer to the ground and want to keep it high. This is referred to as stretching. While this may signify your hammock is nearing its end, there are ways to increase the height. You can adjust the hammock’s height by moving the chain on the end loops or increasing the space between the two posts. 

Can I Put My Child in My Hammock? 

Yes, it’s okay to put your child in your hammock with you on it, as you will be able to supervise. However, it’s not safe to allow your child to play, spin, jump or walk in the hammock.

Final Thoughts 

A hammock is great for improving sleep quality and general health, and it is aesthetically pleasing. A hammock is also a great backyard decoration that can improve your family’s leisure time. 

It can also improve bonding. In addition, with the best heavy-duty hammock, you will get a better user experience, and the product will last longer. 

Just ensure you consider the product details and the space you have before settling on any product. 

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