Do Fat People Sweat More

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You may be a larger person and wonder why it is that you sweat more than the people around you. It is true that the overall reasoning behind this is weight, but why is this the case?

Every body works differently and looks different, yet when it comes to people carrying more weight, they each share the issue of sweating too. With this, we’re not only talking about when it’s hot too.

Bigger people tend to sweat even when the sun isn’t out and the air is cold. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of for it is just the way the body functions.

In this article, we will be looking further into depth of why it is that bigger people sweat more as well as looking at ways to reverse this.

Why Do Fat People Sweat More?

There are a variety of reasons for a larger person to sweat and although this may not be pleasant, this is a normal occurrence.


Food plays a big role in the way a person sweats. We know, larger people more often eat unhealthier foods and have an alternative diet to a smaller person.

It is likely that they will be consuming more red meat, spicy foods and processed foods and because of this they are more likely to sweat.

Avoiding this kind of diet, however, will reduce this. Unfortunately, this food sweat can also lead to a bad odor. As we eat these unhealthy food options, this creates a smell which passes through our sweat glands.

As a bigger person sweats more, there is a higher chance that this may pair with an odor.

Physical Activity

The way a fat person and a slim person responds to physical activity differs immensely. Many overweight people struggle with simple physical activity such as climbing an average flight of stairs or going on a walk.

This minimal activity then leads to sweating, and this is not seen in smaller individuals.

However, this is not to say that slim people are not unhealthy either. There are plenty of slim individuals who don’t have the energy to walk up stairs or go on long walks, but with them they will not sweat in the same manner.

They will only feel tired. But, on average, this should be an easy task.

Body Size

Think about the reason we sweat. Sweating is a way for the body to cool itself down, so although it may seem unappealing it is actually helping you.

However, the way your body cools you down depends on the size of the body. With a larger individual, their body is hotter and in turn is more difficult to cool down.

Furthermore, a larger body naturally has a larger surface area meaning they have more sweat glands. Based on this, a larger person is more prone to sweating as there is more area to sweat.


Anyone can develop anxiety no matter what their size, but it has been discovered that those who are obese are more likely to suffer with the condition.

When we get anxious, we will naturally start sweating and because more overweight people suffer from anxiety, it is often you will see them sweat more.

How To Reduce Excessive Sweating

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce the excessive sweating for someone who is larger. By following these tips, this will not stop the sweating altogether but will help to mask the sweat and reduce it.

Stay Fit

One thing you can do as an overweight person to reduce sweating is to improve your physical activity. This doesn’t mean you have to start running laps or head out to the gym.

Instead, this means spending more time outdoors on your feet, taking longer walks even if this may be challenging, walking stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator.

By making small changes like this, soon enough your body will get used to the physical activity and you will be sweating less.

Choosing Your Clothing

It is important to make sure you are picking out appropriate clothing. Choose a t-shirt that is light and not a thick material. Wear loose fitting pants and shorts. The color clothing you wear is also vital to save frustration and embarrassment.

Try avoiding gray shirts as when you sweat this is easily noticed with this color. Colors such as white, black and navy are better at hiding the sweat marks. You may even benefit from going sleeveless with a tank top or a dress.

Use Antiperspirants

We can assume that everyone uses antiperspirants of some kind, but it is important to know the best ones. There are many out there advertising different things such as antiperspirants lasting 24 plus hours.

Make sure that when you choose, you look for one that has good reviews and is guaranteed to help reduce the amount you sweat.

Change Your Diet

Finally, you can change your diet. Although you may not feel the need to change the way you eat, doing so will make a great difference on the amount you sweat.

Instead of processed foods, try eating more fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables. Leafy greens are also a great source of food to add to your diet.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who struggles with their weight, you will probably know the pain of sweating. This is a completely normal thing to experience being overweight, however it does not make a lot of people feel good.

You may feel shame, confusion, and maybe even embarrassment.

In this article, we have explored the many reasons bigger people sweat and we have discovered that this is down to diet, body size, anxiousness, physical activity, and there are many more reasons.

However, do not let this bring you down, for there are also many ways to reduce the sweating problem.

What it boils down to is taking care of your body through what you wear, what you eat, and your activity. By following these steps, you will start to see a change for the better.

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